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  • Loyalty

    Loyalty is the foundation of everything. We can share the company's growth, become a core member of the team, and gain career space by being loyal to the company.

    Loyalty is also the foundation of an individual, the foundation of credit, and a passport accepted by society, the market and the company.

  • Thinking

    Thinking first reflects a kind of concern, to think about various issues related to the company's development.

    Thinking reflects initiative. It is far from enough for a team to just do the basic work and only maintain the operation of a team. Thinking also reflects concentration. To be a thinker in a company must be concerned about company affairs.



  • Construction

    Thinking and construction are the relationship between thinking and action. Construction means hard work. Even if the external environment is not good, with combat effectiveness, it can perform well in the market.

    Construction also means that the action is thought-through, not reckless, but is designed with constraints, and is efficient.

    Construction also means that the action is thought-through, designed with constraints, and is efficient.


  • Commitment

    Commitment reflects responsibility and courage. Commitment also reflects risk. Company is a team that develops and shares risks together. Risks are not imaginary, but real pressures in market competition. As a member of the company, you must have the courage to take risks.

  • Sharing

    After completing the previous points, sharing is a matter of course. A team with loyalty, thinking, construction, commitment is rarely unsuccessful. While sharing success, we must also share thinking, construction, commitment, risk.

Social Responsibility



The "Red Ribbon Aid" was signed, and Leadingpharm donated 1 million to sponsor 15 students to enter the university.


Participate in AIDS public activities, convey love with true feelings, turn love into action, and use practical actions to give back to the society.


Participate in AIDS public activities, leadingpharm must not only be good medicine, but also good man.

Marathon spirit


Goals give you motivation beyond imagination. Every kilometer has a special meaning, landing, tenacity, and advancing every day will surely be achieved!

This road is a run, a collaboration, a battle, and a glory. It demonstrates the inheritance and love that will never leave and move forward. Once set off, the mission will be reached!

Leadingpharm, carry the marathon spirit the whole way.