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Company History

Company History
  • 2022

    Hangzhou Pediatric High-End Preparation Research Institute (The first in China)
    Joint Research Center for Intelligent Development of Improved New Drugs (Leadingpharm - Peking University Third Hospital)
    Spearheaded clinical research in the fields of medical beauty, special medical food, cell and gene therapy drugs
    Set up postdoctoral research workstation
    Leadingpharm-Agilent Innovation Research (Beijing) Lab completed

  • 2021

    Chongqing High-end Pharmaceutical Research Institute was completed
    Pioneered an "interactive" clinical service model
    The Analytical Testing center has passed CNAS certification

  • 2020

    Built Leadingpharm CXO whole industry chain service
    CDMO Base and Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical R&D Institute were established
    Set Six high-end formulation drug delivery platforms(Zhongguancun Science Park High-precision Industry Collaborative Innovation Platform Project)

  • 2019

    Established Miyun High-end API R&D Base
    Established joint laboratories with Shimadzu China and Thermo Fisher
    Quality System Construction (ISO9001 Certification)
    Intellectual Property Management System Certification (Pilot Unit)
    Beijing Municipal Enterprise Science and Technology Research and Development Institution

  • 2016

    Establish Consistency Evaluation Center
    Internal And External Bridging Center (The first in China) (Zhongguancun Science Park Innovation Platform Project)
    Won the "Top Three Chinese Pharmaceutical R & D Companies"

  • 2015

    Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code 600222)

  • 2007

    Deep Blue Ocean Bio-Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co, Ltd founded (Provide comprehensive clinical research services)

  • 2005

    Corporate vision: We make China a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!
    Core values: loyalty, Thinking, Construction, Commitment, Sharing