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The Most Influential List was Released. Chairman Wallace Tao was Elected as the "Top 10 Leaders in China's Pharmaceutical Industry in 2021"

Release time:2022-12-08

December 8, 2022 is a memorable day in the history of Leadingpharm. The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Medicine and Pharmacy released the "2021 Most Influential List of China's Pharmaceutical Industry", and Chairman Wallace Tao was elected as the "2021 Top 10 Leaders in China's Pharmaceutical Industry". At the same time, the chairmen and presidents of 10 enterprises including Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, CSPC and Mindray Biological were also elected.

Wallace Tao: Focusing on Leading High-end Industries, Enabling Innovative Industrial Development

Wallace Tao graduated from Lanzhou University with a major in organic chemistry and is an EMBA of China-EU International Business School. At present, he is the chairman of Leadingpharm Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600222), the vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Medicine, the Chairman of the R&D and Service Branch, the Executive Director of the Chinese Research Hospital Association, the Vice Chairman of the Special Committee for Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Innovation, the President of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry of Lanzhou University Alumni Association, and the Distinguished Professor of the College of chemistry & chemical engineering,Lanzhou University, Top ten New-outstanding-persons of Chinese medicine industry in 2020.

He always carries the enterprise vision of "we make China a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!", and is committed to promoting the development of China's pharmaceutical industry with innovative research and development and service models and information technology, leading the team to overcome the technical barriers of high-end preparations, and promote the consistency evaluation of China's generic drugs to a higher level. In the past ten years, he has led Leadingpharm to carry out 10-20 phase I~Ⅲ clinical studies of innovative drugs each year. In addition to traditional fields such as tumor, cardio cerebrovascular, endocrine and so on, he has also taken the lead in carrying out clinical studies in medical beauty, special medical food, cell and gene therapy drugs and other fields, filling gaps in many fields at home and abroad. At the same time, Wallace Tao took the lead in proposing the whole industry chain ecological theory of CXO in the pharmaceutical industry, established Leadingpharm CXO Integrated Service Model covering the full life cycle of pharmaceutical research and development, including preclinical research, clinical CRO, CDMO and MAH, built an endogenous closed ecosystem, created a unique and more dynamic industry-university­-research cooperation model, and effectively promote the transformation and implementation of pharmaceutical innovation achievements.

In the face of life, human seem small and fragile, but the generations of medical people who never forget their original intention and insist on exploration brought us progresses and breakthroughs in the medical field and made more diseases be cured.In the new era, the pharmaceutical and health industry is changing with each passing day. By continuous innovation and perseverance, we can truly grasp the lifeblood of the industry and always maintain a leading position in the fierce competition. The selection of the Top Ten Leading Figures in the Pharmaceutical Industry has enabled us to see outstanding industry leaders from different fields, as well as their exploration and leadership in different subdivisions. In a sense, they represent the innovation direction and practical achievements in China's medical field.

"This time, it is a great honor to become one of the top 10 leaders with such outstanding entrepreneurs as Chairman Haoyu Xu of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Chairman Dongchen Cai of CSPC, and Chairman Xiting Li of Mindray Biotech. At the same time, it is also the industry's recognition of Leadingpharm CXO Whole Industry Chain Service Model. The research and development of new drugs should be based on meeting unsatisfied clinical needs, while realizing commercial transformation and generating commercial value. The Leadingpharm CXO Model can help R&D enterprises begin with the end. With top-level design, the closed loop can quickly achieve goals, save social resources, and multiply social value. In the future, Leadingpharm will continue to devote itself to using innovative R&D and service models to create an open building block type R&D ecology with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry, "Chairman Wallace Tao said in an interview.

What is exciting is that in addition to Chairman Wallace Tao being elected as the "Top 10 Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry", the Leadingpharm has also won the honors of "Top 50 Pharmaceutical R&D Enterprises in China", "Top 50 Pharmaceutical Industry Growth Enterprises", "Honest and Law-Abiding Enterprises", etc. During 18 years, members of Leadingpharm, took the vision of " we make China a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process! ", strived to be at the forefront of medical research and development, and forged ahead to create a healthy world that benefits all mankind. For 18 years, countless new leaders have insisted on improving the level of clinical research with innovative management and service models, and promoted the transformation of innovative achievements with high efficiency and quality. The award bears too much effort and perseverance, and it is also a responsibility!


The road is blocked and long, the line will arrive.Leadingpharm, together with many outstanding enterprises of the Chamber of Commerce, has deepened cooperation, continued innovation and exploration, and made positive contributions to promoting the innovation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry.