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Good News | Leadingpharm · Deep Blue Ocean (Zhengzhou) was Approved as a SRDI Enterprise of Zhengzhou

Release time:2022-12-29

Recently, after being strictly assessed by experts from Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and finishing the online publicity process, Zhengzhou Deep Blue Ocean, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leadingpharm, was approved as a SRDI Enterprise of Zhengzhou!


SRDI means Specialized, Refined, Differential and Innovational, which build expertise with concentration, strengthen industry with supporting facilities, and win the market with innovation.

As a SRDI enterprise, Deep Blue Ocean focuses on the research and development and transformation of Class I innovative drugs, and carries out 10-20 clinical studies of Class I innovative drugs each year. In addition to traditional fields such as endocrine, tumor, cardio-cerebrovascular, it also takes the lead in carrying out clinical research in the fields of medical aesthetics, special medical food, cell and gene therapy, filling many gaps at home and abroad. In addition, relying on Leadingpharm CXO Closed-loop Service System, Deep Blue Ocean provides global innovative pharmaceutical enterprises with whole-process services covering pharmaceutical research and development, clinical CRO, entrusted processing and quality control, further improving the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry chain in Henan Province, promoting the development of industrial clusters, and driving the innovation and upgrading of the biomedical industry.

In the future, Deep Blue Ocean will continue to improve its technical level and innovation capacity, promote the development of the biomedical industry with innovative service mode and digital empowerment, continuously improve its anti-risk capability and industry competitiveness, and promote the development of the biomedical industry in Henan Province to a higher level.