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Analysis and Testing Platform

http://The platform is composed of a world-class quality research team. Based on the company's advanced detection equipment and perfect quality management system, it can help the project team complete the development of complex compound detection methods, compatibility research (packaging materials, drug delivery devices, production components, etc.) and the detection of special impurities (elemental impurities, genotoxic impurities, metal ions, polymers, etc.). The platform has established joint laboratories with international well-known detection instrument suppliers such as ThermoFisher and Shimadzu, and has established in-depth cooperation on many topics to provide solutions for complex impurity detection in the process of drug R & D. With the concept of systematization, professionalism, digitization and openness, we use innovative methods to deal with the hot and difficult points of the industry, optimize and upgrade testing instruments, promote advanced testing methods and play a leading role in technology. Promote the technological progress of the whole pharmaceutical industry and even radiation to the environment, food, chemical and other industries, and meet the needs of the people for high-quality pharmaceutical consumption.