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Leader of "0" Cost MAH 3.0 Era

Leadingpharm MAH Platform

 1)Relying on Leadingpharm CXO Whole Industry Chain Service System (with four MAH core elements of capital, technology, management and scale), it provides professional services and solid guarantee in R&D, management and quality control,covering pharmacy, preclinical and clinical research.

 2)Connect with local governments to build a series of biomedical industrial parks from R&D, pilot scale to mass production, introduce projects to form a synergy, use policies to support industrial upgrading, and promote the linkage and complementarity between different industrial parks.

 3)With the help of enterprise fund, local fund, regional government and the park's synchronous supporting industry fund, enterprises can put into production rapidly, seize the opportunity, put more energy into R&D and production and improve core technology, and increase the enterprise's production capacity value.

 4)Based on the above, customers can propose personalized cooperation methods according to their own needs, such us inject capital to jointly develop varieties; Select the existing document number of Leadingpharm to carry out spot transfer or production, sales staged transfer and cooperative expansion; Customized products (varieties, rights and interests) shall be studied by Leadingpharm and accepted and confirmed by customers; Targeted services at the project stage include product approval, quality management, drug administration management, clinical operation management, COS and other module services.

 5)The "customized products" obtained from research and development shall be accepted by the enterprise. If satisfied, the enterprise shall pay the balance and obtain "customized rights and interests". If dissatisfied, the enterprise shall return the deposit, and the project shall be recovered by the new leader.