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Platform Overview

Platform Overview

The project Initiation service platform has more than 20 professional knowledge personnel, all from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College and other well-known universities at home and abroad, and has set up generic drug project strategy center, clinical & pharmacology center, intellectual property center, big data analysis center, international new product strategy center, based on the all-round analysis of the pharmaceutical industry and combined with the company's own differentiated positioning, can provide customers with personalized information technology services and comprehensive information assurance.

 Service Content


1) Generic Drug Project Initiation: Project development risk assessment is carried out through comprehensive analysis of listed product information, including review overview, patents, market prospects, competition pattern, technical barriers, policy dynamics and other mainstream regulatory countries in Europe, the United States, Japan, China, Canada, Australia and other mainstream regulatory countries.

2)Improvement and Innovation Projects: According to the domestic clinical needs and the guidance of policies and regulations, look for potential improvement and innovation projects, conduct comprehensive research from the aspects of product clinical positioning, market value, competition dynamics, patent layout, and development and listing paths of such projects at home and abroad, determine the adequacy and feasibility of the basis for the topic, and conduct in-depth pharmaceutical technology evaluation, clinical evaluation, development cycle and cost evaluation of the proposed development project.

3) Strategy Consulting Service: According to the needs of enterprises, provide partners with product pipeline sustainable development planning, feasibility analysis of new entry fields, and R&D strategy formulation after policy changes, such as the development opportunities and challenges in the cardiovascular field, the key points of improved new drug technology research and development, the analysis of the clinical drug competition pattern of platforms (ophthalmic preparations, enteric-coatedpreparations, sustained-release preparations), and the monthly analysis report of CDE application acceptance products.

4)Patent Service: Patent layout of cooperation projects, patent risk assessment of new products, infringement analysis and circumvention strategies, patent search and analysis service, patent tracking and early warning analysis.

5)Resource sharing: The leadingpharm information department cooperates with many well-known pharmaceutical databases at home and abroad (cortellis, intranet, insight, wisdombud), which can provide domestic and foreign listing information, the latest information on industry policies, new products/targets at home and abroad, domestic and foreign product sales and forecast data, market access, clinical guidelines and clinical front-line drug consultation, etc.