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Strengthen the Leading of the Party Construction || Leadingpharm Went to Beijing Normal University to Participate in the

Release time:2021-06-09

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in response to the call of General Secretary Xi Jinping, on June 9, representatives of party members from Beijing Leadingpharm, Beijing Normal University School of Chemistry, Lanzhou University School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Shanghai Yanyuan Pharmaceuticals gathered at Beijing Normal University to jointly carry out a seminar on "learning the history of the Party and promoting development" to deepen the Party's construction and promote the construction of industry, education and research.


Professor Lu Zhonglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Chemistry of Beijing Normal University, Professor Fan Louzhen, Assistant President of Lanzhou University and Executive Director of the Institute of Science and Technology Development, Professor Liang Yongmin, Dean of the Institute of Chemical and Chemical Engineering, Professor Wang Wei, Director of the National Key Laboratory of Functional Organic Molecular Chemistry, Mr. Tao Xinhua, Chairman of Beijing Leadingphar, Dr. Dong Ying, Vice President, Dr. Peng Lijun, Chief Operating Officer of Shanghai Haoyuan Pharmaceutical, and many other experts and leaders attended this event.


Learn the History of the Party

Jointly Discuss the Party construction in the New Era

Mr. You Shougan,director of Human Resources Department of Leadingpharm made Report on Party Construction

During the event, the participants respectively carried out a summary report on the work of party building. Lanzhou University School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Beijing Normal University School of Chemistry has always practiced the historical mission of "educating people for the Party and educating talents for the country", transport outstanding talents for the country, and become the backbone of China's chemical development.

The signing ceremony was successfully held between the Party Branch of Organic Chemistry Teaching and Engineering of Lanzhou University's School of Chemistry and the Party Branch of The Key Disciplines of Organic Chemistry of Beijing Normal University

Subsequently, participants talked about feelings, shared harvest, checked loopholes, and communicated for how to practice the original heart and mission of the Communists combined their own work, explored the further plans of party building, created innovative ideas, complemented the short board to lead high-quality development with high-quality party building.

Promote Development

Discuss the Deep Integration of Industry, Education and Research

Mr. Yan Yaodong, Presidential Assistant of Leadingpharm, made a report on the cooperation between unicersities and enterprises


Dr. Dong Ying, Vice President of Leadingpharm and General Manager of Analysis and Testing Division, made the Scientific Research Report of Analysis and Testing Center


The representatives of the party members of enterprises and universities at the meeting respectively introduced the respective development directions, professional characteristics and advantageous areas in detail, deeply explored the new fit and possibility of cooperation in industry, aimed at the real pain points of the industry, and further played the strengths of enterprise leaders and scientific researchers, sharing resources, complementing each other's advantages, carrying forward the historical heritage of the Communist Party and seeking concerted development in the future.


"We make China a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process" is the corporate vision and mission which Leadingpharm always adhere to. Since its founding, Leadingpharm has been feeling the future and destiny of the country and the nation, working hard for the country and the nation's health cause.

The Communist Party of China is about to usher in the centennial birthday,. Today's world is undergoing a century-old great changes, the Party and the State attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation and high-level scientific research personnel team building, encourage the development of inter-school production and research work and the transformation of innovative results. We believe that under the guidance of the correct and advanced ideas of the Communist Party of China, as well as the support of a good scientific research environment and policies, Leadingpharm will integrate the party building and corporate culture with high-quality party building and lead research and development innovation, strive to become a centenary enterprise in pharmaceutical research and development.